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For a government, smart means being with people all the time, everywhere. It means hearing its customers and public and engaging them in its policies and services in an interactive environment that enhances the happiness of the community. This is our vision of the concept ‘Government with You’. We have the earnest desire to apply this concept in practicality. Hence, we invite you to participate through all our available channels. We are all ears! Do not hesitate to share your feedback.


Do you have an idea to serve the UN’s Sustainability Goals?

Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority(FCSA) welcomes ideas from youth that support the UN’s Sustainability Goals for a better world. To participate, please click on the link below.

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Governmentwide meetings to discuss the future of UAE till 2071

In one of the biggest UAE government participation sessions, the UAE Cabinet has announced that in September 2017 it will hold a nation-wide meeting for representatives of all UAE government entities at the federal and local levels to discuss challenges and strategies related to the country’s five-decade national development plan, known as annual ...

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National brainstorming session

H. H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has called for citizens to join the largest national brainstorming session via Twitter using the hashtag #uaebrainstorm or by email to Sheikh Mohammad added, “Within three days we received more than 50,000 ideas ...

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National eParticipation Plan

The UAE has been at the forefront in applying the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for participatory decision-making and rendering better government services to public. To this end, the Government has initiated a comprehensive, documented mechanism in the form of a National eParticipation Plan.

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E-marketing of Medical Products

The concept of e-marketing has become a fundamental element of the e-commerce industry, which is currently witnessing huge growth in ... Read more


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