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Enhancing the eParticipation by adding new KPIs

Summary: This consultation aims to collect your ideas and opinions about developing the eParticipation practices followed by the UAE government entities. It targets eParticipation staff in government entities, and more broadly, the pioneers working on development of the eParticipation worldwide. It is recommended to read the Federal Websites Guidelines covering the eParticipation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide your ideas and suggestions accordingly.


Government entities have made great strides in the field of eParticipation, which is an effective means for engaging the public in making government policies and decisions. This was proven by the UAE’s progress in the eParticipation Index (EPI) in the UN E-Government Survey. The UAE moved up from 32nd position in 2016 to the 17th position in 2018, achieving a progress of 15 ranks globally. It was ranked first at the regional level.

The eParticipation index is a part of the eGovernment survey OSI, issued biennially by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The OSI executive team developed standards and indicators for government entities to apply and enable the eParticipation effectively and efficiently. According to the standards, each entity has to publish its eConsultations, blogs and polls on the national eParticipation portal (

The UAE was ranked 6th in the online service index (OSI) moving up two positions in 2018. The UAE is making every endeavour to reach the 1st position globally by 2021.

Share your thoughts

Being responsible for the management of the national eParticipation portal (, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) considered revising the eParticipation KPIs according to the best global practices and the vision of each government entity with regard to enhancing eParticipation.

The entity’s eParticipation is evaluated based on 21 standards. These standards include the existence of eParticipation channels, social media channels, open data section and open data policies on the entity’s website. We invite eParticipation enthusiasts and editorial teams in all entities to share their thoughts and suggestions to develop the eParticipation KPIs for government entities.

Expected decisions

After receiving your ideas and comments on the eParticipation KPIs, the TRA will revise such comments and ideas and propose the draft KPIs guideline to the OSI executive team for discussion. Finally, the UAE federal websites' quality guidelines will be updated and published. Read the Federal Websites Guidelines, to get more information about the eParticipation KPI standards.