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Development of open recruitment days

Subject: Development of open recruitment days

Description: Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation is working on achieving employment stability for citizens in the private sector through launch of Emiratisation initiatives supporting the strategy of creating job opportunities that match citizens’ aspirations. These initiatives include organization and launch of “open days for direct recruitment” within which direct job contracts/offers are signed with the citizens to work in the private sector. Such contracts/offers are considered official and unified for all jobs and private sector companies, and also determine regulations governing the recruiting company and the employed citizen; the contracts are registered at MOHRE

Open recruitment days aim to accelerate the pace of Emiratisation in the private sector by providing employment opportunities in economic sectors targeting citizens, both males and females, looking for jobs match the needs of all citizens holding secondary, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees


Objective: This consultation aims to know the opinions, notes

and suggestions of customers in order to work on developing and improving the processes and procedures of organizing open recruitment days 

 Expected decisions: MOHRE will analyze the survey outcomes, study all notes and suggestions then work on drawing a plan to organize the future initiatives