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Application called” My safe Society



The Attorney General has launched a new smart application called” My safe Society”.  This app allows the public to report crimes or suspicious activities on social networking sites which may disrupt national and/or social security, general order or cases that have a negative impact on public opinions.

This app aims at community involvement and participation in providing security against cyber crimes through communicating with the UAE attorney general office.

This app ensures confidentiality of information as well any person reporting suspicious activities.

The app is available for all public and for people of determination as well.

Objective advice

The advice aims to get the views and suggestions of public about “My safe Society”, how important it is and the quality of service relevant thereto. the app will be enhanced and developed by measuring the public interest therein and getting their developed views and constructive suggestions

Expected decisions

The Attorney General Office will Develop, monitor and study the most important proposals and add public aspirations to improve the quality of the App