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The Communication Between The Government And The Customers In The UAE

Subject of advice:

The Government of the UAE and its wise leadership believe that effective communication between the Government and the public is imperative to achieve the goals and visions of the country, as the UAE has been keen to provide happiness, prosperity and well-being to its people and residents on its territory. To promote this, the UAE appointed a Minister for Happiness, and adopted the National Program for Happiness and wellbeing, which includes a set of policies and services that promote positive lifestyles. In addition, a new Customer Happiness Formula was launched with the aim of consolidating and enhancing the concepts of happiness in the Customers Happiness Centers. This was done with the aim of making happiness a practice and culture in government entities and that the employees responsible for customer satisfaction are provided with a set of tools and values that enable them to implement government initiatives in the field of happiness and positivity.


According to the results of the World Happiness Report 2018, the UAE is at the 20th position worldwide, while maintaining the first position in the Arab world for the fourth consecutive year. As for the only Citizen Happiness Index, the UAE achieved the 11th position worldwide. By measuring the happiness of expatriate residents in 117 countries across the world between 2005 and 2017, the expatriate’s happiness in the UAE ranked 19th globally. According to the UAE's National Agenda, the UAE government aims to be among the top five countries in the world by 2021.


Objective from advice:

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is working to provide all possible means to achieve effective communication between the Government and the public. The communications channels will identify the needs and aspirations of the entire Emirati community and work to achieve them through the application of Customer Happiness Charter. TRA’s efforts represent the concept of reaching out to customers rather than waiting for them to come, a belief that has been expressed by our wise leadership’s directives on more than one occasion. The TRA is keen to open direct channels with different types of audiences to learn more about their current needs and future aspirations for services relating to queries, suggestions and complaints.


By achieving the principle of customer satisfaction, the TRA aims to improve the level of customer satisfaction and contribute to the development of TRA’s plans and mechanisms of its work befitting the prestige of the TRA and the centrality of its role in supporting one of the most important sectors, which is the Information and Communication Technology sector.


Decisions expected as a result of advice

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) will monitor the main ideas and suggestions made by the public, and benefit from them in opening and activating channels of communication between the Government and the customers.

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