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E-marriage system service


The Ministry of Justice launches an e-marriage service, as those who wishing to marry can benefit from this service without any trouble to attend the concerned  to the courts, by booking an electronic date with the legal marriage officer in the federal courts, which is equipped with an marriage officer portfolio containing (the devices that serve electronic registration to serve the marriage contract), where the procedures are as follows:

- Book an appointment with the marriage officer and attach the required documents electronically by the client through the website of the Ministry of Justice

- Registration of the marriage contract electronically by the marriage officer.

- The judge electronically certifies the contract.

- Payment of fees by the client and then issuing the certificate of marriage contract electronically through the court.


Objective advice

The advice aims to know the opinions and suggestions of the public about the service of the electronic marriage system and its importance in facilitating the client access to the service without having to go to the competent court


Expected decisions


The Ministry will monitor and study the most important proposals and opinions and take action and appropriate amendment thereto.