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Electronic Authentication System Service

The Ministry of Justice's application of Electronic Authentication

System as a new and unified system to be used in the Federal Sharia Courts for affidavits and authentications where unified and approved forms and outputs are used so that the system would convoy with the fast development in electronic and smart services in order to facilitate the work of both clients and employees in courts according to the following procedures:

-              Granting the client the possibility of electronic submission of application and payment of fees through electronic payment channels.

-              Applications go through official channels electronically or through receptionist.

-              Review and approval of application by judge.

-              Payment of fees electronically or through electronic collection device.

-              Delivery of affidavit to the client by hand or through email or through electronic services.

Objective advice

The advice aims to knowing the opinions and suggestions of the public about the Electronic Authentication System Service and the extent of its importance in allowing the client to obtain the service without the need to go to the competent court.

Expected decisions

The Ministry will monitor major suggestions and opinions, study them and take the action and make appropriate amendment concerning the same.