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Let’s think together to develop the UAE Hackathon 2019

About the subject

On 4 February 2018, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) organised the UAE Hackathon under the theme ‘Data for Happiness’, to enhance innovation and contribute to the happiness of the UAE society. The event coincided with the Month of Innovation. The UAE Hackathon achieved noticeable success. It gathered more than 780 participants, who participated in 176 teams. In addition, there were 213 volunteers, 58 mentors and 46 trainers. Participating teams produced more than 60 feasible creative ideas in different fields, to improve the standard of living and bring happiness to people.

As a result of the great success achieved through the UAE Hackathon in 2018, the TRA is going to organise it in February 2019, which again coincides with the Month of Innovation. Accordingly, we launched this consultation to collect your thoughts and suggestions regarding challenges to be tackled during the UAE Hackathon, in addition to any ideas related to training materials and partnerships to achieve the goals of the event.

Kindly visit the UAE Hackathon website to learn more information about it and then complete the survey linked below.

Objectives of the UAE Hackathon

The hackathon’s themes would be defined according to the trend prevailing during the year in which it is organised. However, the goals of the hackathon will remain the same. These goals include future shaping, handling big data and developing solutions to contribute to the society’s happiness.

Share your thoughts

For sure, you have many constructive ideas and thoughts in your mind. Kindly share your thoughts to suggest challenges to be tackled during the UAE Hackathon 2019. Best ideas will be entered in a draw daily during GITEX 2018.

What you expect

We will be holding brainstorming sessions to choose applicable ideas. We promise to monitor and systematically analyse your feedback and pay due attention to your suggestions related to the next edition of the UAE Hackathon. We appreciate your response, believing that the UAE youth are real partners in shaping the UAE’s future and that their minds are mines of creative ideas.