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About the subject

The UAE mGovernment is considering the revamping of the eParticipation portal ( to incorporate the latest global trends in this field. We would like to invite the visitors of to provide their feedback, thoughts and suggestions to improve


By this consultation, we aim to rebuild the eParticipation portal ( to cover all social media accounts of the leadership on the homepage. We want to add sections to enhance audience’s ability to engage and interact with the government and participate in policymaking.

Share your thoughts

Accordingly, the TRA, being the supervising authority of the national eParticipation portal ( invites you to participate in this consultation. You can share your ideas and thoughts by suggesting:

  • missing information to be added
  • missing sections to be added
  • how to increase public awareness of the national eParticipation portal
  • the order of information published on the portal.

In case you wish to suggest new information, please clarify why this piece of information is important.

What you can expect

We promise to consider the thoughts and ideas you provide carefully and reflect them on the portal directly. We will be transparent in declaring your contributions. We appreciate your response, assuring that the government customers are real partners in developing information and services published on