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Prevention of Bullying in Schools



Bullying is undesired violent behavior, a frequent or continuous attitude by a student or more meant to hurt another student(s) occurring among peers when there is some actual or predicted imbalance in strength or ability. Bullying is of different types; Verbal, Social, Physical and Electronics Bullying.

An important case such as bullying, is a case that cannot be, in any way, be overlooked or ignored. Such cases are considered crucial and directly affects the surrounding circumstances of student(s), and also it could widen the gap between the student and school society if it was not scientifically dealt with on a daily basis.


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The Ministry of Education seeks to provide a stress and negativity free education environment, because simply, a good education cannot be achieved under the circumstances were student(s) are victims of fear and complications as a result to bullies. Thus, we invite you to participate with us in suggesting ways to prevent bullying from spreading in our schools


What you could expect



The Ministry will work to identify the most impressive suggestions to put them under study, then it will work to plan programs and preventive campaigns against bullying in schools accordingly.