Determination and Power of Challenge

10/06/2019 General | Saeed Abdul Ghaffar - Secretary General

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When we talk about people of determination, we truly mean accomplishment, reflect successes, and focus light on power of determination and strong willpower.

Therefore, the General Authority for Sport is keen to embed the sports of people of determination as one of our strategic goals emanating from the vision, aspirations and good guidance of our wise leadership to care for this category of people.

They are the hope, the knights of will, and they are the makers of miracles and achievements, as we have truly known them, and were acknowledged by the Arab, continental and international championships and Olympics.

We commend their role and achievements, what they provide and reflect of the internal strength embodied in the amazing sports results and winning medals of different categories with which they are rejoicing us year after year, raising the flag of the country high in the national and international domains.

These achievements and this willpower are merely the results of foundations laid by the maker of willpower and the miracles the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who taught us that when there is a will, there is a way and nothing is impossible and that the disability is the title of motivation and the icon of success.

It is well known and crystal clear that the Authority nestles this category of people through its People of Determination Section under its Sports Activities Department as well as the UAE Disabled Sports Federation declared by it. In addition, the Authority organizes and holds many local, Gulf, Arab, regional and international conferences and events for them to stress their community status and integrated role that comes in line with their peers of non-disabled people in all walks of life in general and in sports aspects in particular.

The Authority has been keen to equip all its sports facilities all over the UAE with all that can contributes to the promotion of the sports of people of determination. Further, it has directed to provide and make available all that can enhance their role and their sporting and community status in all sports institutions and associations along with their various activities and facilities. They are an integral part of the administrative innovation system adopted by the Authority in its staff and innovative and development plans to look ahead to the UAE future of sports.

Saeed Abdel Ghaffar

Secretary General of Sports Authority 

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Anonymous Commented on 16/06/2019

الإنجازات والجوائز التي تم حصدها من قبل أصحاب الهمم لها اثر كبير في تحقيق رؤية وتطلعات دولة الامارات في ان تكون من افضل دول العالم

Anonymous Commented on 12/06/2019

يستاهلون الدعم