UAE Reads, UAE Leads with you and for you

14/03/2019 Education | MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

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Reading is a human act that expresses a moral development of high value. This is because unique and productive minds are those that read and are open. Hence, we cannot talk about an achievement or a production without going through the reading station that our wise leadership sought to keep pace with the UAE’s achievements in all fields and tracks. Our society has always been in the lead in adopting civilized practices that express its essence, originality and advancement. With this in mind, reading is one aspect of tolerance, which our leadership has set aside a dedicated year for us to celebrate and live with in thought and practice.
To read means that you are in the circle of competition and development; reading alone can explore the depths of your knowledge and answer your questions and queries in various domains. A book opens countless worlds and various knowledge paths that you begin to command once you turn over the first page of a book to move to the next. This is because knowledge is cumulative and connected and above all an exercise and a practice of patience to explore the truth, science and light from the lantern of knowledge embodied in books, irrespective of their kinds and trends.
Exercise not only simulates our bodies but also supplies them with the energy necessary for us to carry out our duties and protects us from many diseases. This also applies to reading; it is the sport of the brain because it provides it with the knowledge it needs, thereby expanding man’s scope of thinking and other prospects that will remain unexplored if man has not set out for knowledge, research and posing questions. The light of the word ‘Proclaim’ (or read) mentioned in the Holy Quran came to illuminate the paths and dispel the darkness.
UAE reads, UAE leads with you and for you. The invitation to reading is always open and will continue as long as this world exists. However, we celebrate the Month of Reading every year to reiterate our commitment and adjust our compass towards books, which can take us to spaces and worlds that all modern means of transport fail to do. Books embark us through the past and present times through the magic word of ‘read’.

HE Marwan Al Sawaleh
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs

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Anonymous Commented on 28/03/2019

من أجمل ما قرأت عن فوائد القراءة بإيجاز وابداع بالتعبير سلم لسانك .... أن تقرأ معنى ذلك أنك في دائرة المنافسة والتطور

Anonymous Commented on 20/03/2019

سبحان من أودع الإعجاز في ( اقرأ ) فهي أساس الرقي الفكري والأخلاقي والتقدم والرقي لأسمي المراتب في الدنيا والأخرة .