Service Channels

Service channels of the UAE Government

UAE Government services are accessible through online and offline channels. is the official portal of the UAE Government and it is the unified gateway to access eServices provided by all the UAE government ministries and authorities in the UAE.


Other channels of service delivery include:

Customer service centres

Almost all entities offer their services through customer service centres that usually are open between 7.30 am and 2.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.



You can pay traffic fines, utility bills, Zakat, parking fees, receive Fatwa, lodge and track complaints and recharge Salik and access many other services through interactive voice response system or by sending a text message in a pre-defined format.


Kiosks/public payment machines

You can pay traffic fines and utility bills and access many other services through the kiosks and public payment machines, which are located in malls, shopping districts and other public places.



  • ATMs/cash depositing machines

You can pay traffic fines and utility bills and access many other services through the ATMs and cash depositing machines of most banks, which are located at malls, shopping districts and other public places. Please contact your bank for more details.


  • Auto-debit

Partner banks can auto-debit your account with the amount of the utility bill.


  • Teller counters

Teller counters at some banks accept utility bills on weekdays during office hours.


Drive-thru service

You can pay utility bills, report minor incidents to police and access land related services as you drive through these counters.


Petrol stations

You can pay DEWA bill at EPPCO and ENOC petrol station.


Post offices

Post offices in Dubai accept DEWA bill payments on all seven days during working hours. 


Dubai metro stations

Enoc stores at Dubai metro stations accept DEWA bill payments.


Since the launch of mGovernment Initiative in May 2013, the UAE Government entities have introduced the following channels to deliver their services.


Apps for smart gadgets

Many federal and local government entities have launched apps to deliver their services through smartphones, smart tablet computers, smart wearables and smart TV. All these apps are listed in an app called UAE mGovernment App Store. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms. After downloading this app, you can search for requisite apps by using the search filter.



Drones would be used as a channel for delivering Emirates ID cards, driving licences and other permits.



Emirates Identity Authority's Robot Hamad can:

  • provide status of the ID card and ID card application
  • locate and direct the customer to different services centres
  • provide information of the queue status in a given centre
  • process applications for ID card renewal
  • accept payments by credit cards
  • email receipts


Please check with the respective entity for details on the different ways to access their services. 


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