ePayment of UAE Government services

In order to make payment of fees for government services easier for individuals, businesses and visitors, the UAE Government has provided multiple payment options.



Most federal ministries, entities and local government departments in the UAE adopt electronic payment to enable customers to settle the fees of government services online on a 24/7 basis in a secure environment. There are many ePayment options for users to choose from. These include eDirhams, credit cards and direct debit from bank accounts.



eDirham is a payment tool devised by the Ministry of Finance to facilitate collection of revenues, providing the Government with a secure payment method and providing the public with a convenient payment tool. 


Study the types of eDirham cards and where you can buy them. 


Direct Debit 

Most banks in the UAE enable their customers to pay government fees directly through direct debit from bank accounts instead of credit cards.


Some of the most used ePay services (some services require pre-registration)


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