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This page provides information about service topics related to public works, transportation, communications and environment and energy in the UAE.


·         Public works

·         Transportation

·         Communications

·         Environment and energy

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Public works

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Ministry of Infrastructure Development is responsible for building civil infrastructure in the UAE.


In Ras Al Khaimah, the Public Works department supervises infrastructure services, civil projects and public services for citizens. 


In addition, local municipalities also carry out and/or supervise public works in localities within their administration. The municipalities offer many related services in the fields of land and real estate, roads, parks, community centres, spatial data, urban planning, public sanitation and construction permits amongst others. 


List of municipalities in the UAE:

·         Western Region Municipality

·         Abu Dhabi City Municipality

·         Al Ain City Municipality

·         Dubai Municipality

·         Sharjah Municipality

·         Ras Al Khaimah Municipality

·         Ajman Municipality

·         Umm Al Quwain Municipality (content in Arabic)

·         Fujairah Municipality


Useful links:

·         Laws and regulations

·         ePublications

·         Etihad Rail

·         Infrastructural development – UAE Interact

·         List of projects – Ministry of Public Works



eServices you might need in transportation


The General Civil Aviation Authority controls and regulates civil aviation in the UAE.


The UAE’s national airline is Etihad Airways. Other airlines in the UAE are Emirates, FlyDubai and Air Arabia.


The UAE has international airports in 

·         Abu Dhabi

·         Al Ain

·         Dubai (Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport)

·         Sharjah

·         Ras Al Khaimah

·         Fujairah


The UAE has several seaports as well. The major ports are Port Jebel Ali, Port Rashid, Port Khalid, Port Saeed, Port Khor Fakkan, and Port Zayed.


Ministry of  Infrastructure Development  and National Transport Authority work together in supervising and developing the transportation system in the UAE.


Local government authorities such as Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, Roads Transport Authority in Dubai, Sharjah Public Transport Corporation in Sharjah and Transport Authority Department in Ras Al Khaimah regulate public transportation in the respective emirates.


The UAE’s network of high-speed roads connect the different cities and emirates in the most convenient and time-effective manner. As fuel is relatively cheap, people presently rely upon private vehicles for transportation within the UAE.


Concessions on fares and other facilities are offered to students, senior citizens and to those with special needs.


Seats are reserved for women and children on most public transport.


The UAE is planning to build a 1,200 km Etihad Rail network that will connect the seven emirates with Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Find out more about services and information relating to transportation in:

·         Abu Dhabi

·         Dubai

·         Sharjah

·         Ras Al Khaimah


You can also read more about transportation services under the life events ‘Transportation within the UAE’ and ‘Visiting the UAE’.


Find laws relating to:

·         Department of Transport, Abu Dhabi

·         Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai

·         General Civil Aviation Authority


Useful links:

Transportation in UAE - UAEPedia 



eServices you might need in Communications


Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications and information technology industries in the UAE.


Licensed service providers

Etisalat and du are licensed to provide public telecommunication services, which include landline, mobile phone, Internet and satellite TV connections.


Media Zone Intaj FZ LLC and Al Maisan Satellite Communications Company are licensed to provide broadcast satellite transmission services.


Nedaa is licensed to provide public access mobile radio services.


Thuraya Telecommunications Company PrJSC is licensed to provide mobile communications by satellite in the UAE.


Al Yah Satellite Communications Company is licensed to provide satellite and broadcasting satellite services in the UAE.


Mail services

eServices you might need in Mail services


Emirates Post offers postal services. Empost offers domestic and international courier services.


Useful links:

·         Communications in UAE - UAEPedia 

·         Telecommunications and Post – UAE Yearbook

·         More about telecommunications in the UAE – UAE Interact

·         Obtaining utilities – Dubai.ae 



·         Telecommunications Regulatory Framework


Environment and energy

eServices you might need in Environment and energy

Environmental protection falls within the purview of Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. It undertakes activities and campaigns to raise public awareness about the environment.  


National Center of Meteorology and Seismology shares the yearly climate report and air quality index. The center undertakes cloud seeding.


Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is working to deliver safe, clean, efficient nuclear energy that is needed to support the UAE’s social and economic growth.


Masdar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Government-owned Mubadala Development Company invests in producing renewable energy and building sustainable technology. Their domestic portfolio accounts for about 68% of the GCC's renewable capacity.


Masdar's residential unit Masdar City which is modelled on techniques and technologies that reduce the need and use of energy, is the permanent headquarters of International Renewable Energy Agency.


Local environmental authorities and agencies:

·         Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

·         Environment and Public Health Services Sector – Dubai Municipality

·         Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) – Government of Sharjah

·         Public Health and Environment Sector – Municipality and Planning Department, Ajman

·         Environment Protection and Development Authority – Ras Al Khaimah

·         Fujairah Municipality


Conservation programmes and protected areas:

·         Environment Conservation in the UAE – Abu Dhabi government portal

·         Protected areas – EAD website

·         Eco-reserves in Abu Dhabi

·         Al Ain Zoo

·         Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

·         Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary



Waste Recycling – Abu Dhabi government portal

Tadweer (The Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi)


Useful links:

·         Beeatna.ae – the environment portal of the UAE

·         Environment in Abu Dhabi – the official portal of Abu Dhabi government

·         Green Dubai – the official portal of Dubai government   

·         Environmental Development and Protection in the UAE by Simon Aspinall

·         Farming and Agriculture – Abu Dhabi government portal

·         Use solar energy to reduce your utility bills in Dubai – Dubai government portal

·         Food and environment – Abu Dhabi government portal



·         Ministerial Decree No. 500 for the Year 2014 On Regulating the Fishing and Trading of Sharks

·         Lifting the ban of import of all living animals, their meat, product and offal from the Arab Republic of Egypt

·         Ministerial Decree No. (849) for the year 2010 amending the ministerial decree number (554) for the year 2009 regarding banned and restricted use pesticides in UAE

·         Lift the ban on all kinds of living birds and their products from the Republic of South Africa

·         SPS Agreement

·         Rules and regulations regarding nuclear regulation

·         Federal Law No. (23) of the year 1999 concerning Exploitation, Protection and Development of the Living Aquatic Resources in the State of The United Arab Emirates

·         Cabinet Decree (12) of 2006 Regarding Regulation Concerning Protection of Air from Pollution

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