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This page provides an overview of  the efforts made by UAE government to ensure the personal  and  public safety of all people living in the country in private and public places, including the contact details of various competent entities in case of any accident or emergency.


Ministry of Interior integrates the police and security systems in the UAE.


Local police of every emirate is responsible for maintaining law and order in the respective emirates.


In case of an emergency, call:

  • Police on 999
  • Ambulance on 998
  • Civil Defence/fire brigade on 997
  • Coastguard on 996
  • Electricity and Water Authority on 991


Important eServices for dealing with emergencies


In case of natural disasters and calamities, contact the following entities for receiving/forwarding aid or for volunteering in the relief work:


Rights of individuals in the UAE

Human rights

Read about human rights in the UAE on:


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Employee rights

Read about employee rights on


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Labour rights

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Consumer rights

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Special people’s rights


Necessary eServices for people with disabilities


Tourist safety

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How to report crime and emergencies


eServices for reporting crimes and violations in UAE:


Judicial system

Federal Judicial Authority is one of the essential Federal Authorities of the UAE. Ministry of Justice implements laws in the UAE.


Read more about the judicial system in Abu Dhabi.


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Types of courts in the UAE

There is one Supreme Court in the UAE. There are first instance courts, appeal courts and cassation courts in all the emirates.


Courts of Justice in the UAE


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Dealing with legalities in the UAE


eServices related to legal aspects in the UAE


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