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Working for the UAE Government  

The UAE offers great employment opportunities. The UAE Government is committed towards equitable rights for both employers and employees. Salaries are tax-free but expatriates who choose to work in the UAE must have valid work or residency visa, as the case may be.


UAE labour law

The website of the Ministry of Labour (MoL) is comprehensive enough for potential employees to become familiar with job requirements, including the UAE labour law. All prospective employees must have their educational qualifications verified in accordance with the observed regulations before getting a work permit and a labour card.


Contract and labour card verification

If you are an employee, you can verify your contract or labour card through the MoL's website. An employer can also get the personal details of an employee in addition to company information, list of employees, licence or labour card status after logging into the website.


Labour complaints

The Ministry of Labour allows the opportunity for all private sector employees to file a complaint in case of delay in receiving their monthly salaries. The employees of Dubai Government departments can also file a complaint through the eComplain System.


Job opportunities for nationals

The National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority (TANMIA) aims at creating job opportunities for citizens, reducing unemployment rates among them and upgrading their skills and productivity through full employment of national human resources. 


The ‘Absher' initiative

President H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan launched the ‘Absher' initiative to streamline the efforts of public and private sectors to create more job options for Emiratis.


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